Treatment Process Aim to Prevent Infection

Below treatment process aims to offer treatments safely preventing infection. The process is developed following the guideline and recommendations of the health authorities like ADA, CDA, and CDC.  

At the Appointment and Confirmation

Health Condition Screening 
Our staff will inquire health condition to screen out people with possibility of infection. Patients will also be asked to put on a mask at the time of visit. 

Brushing Teeth before the Visit

We recommend patients to brush their teeth just before they leave home. Brushing teeth with toothpaste before leaving home is believed to help prevention of infection.  

Upon Arrival 

Screening at the Check-in Station
A check-in station is set up at the entrance. Patients should knock on the door and wait outside. A front-desk staff will come out for screening. All patients will be screened at the check-in station before entering the building.  

Wearing Mask and Cleaning Hands  

While waiting, patients put on a mask and clean their hands with hand sanitizer. Patients should put on a mask all the time while in the building besides the time of getting treatment. 

Temperature Check 
The staff will check the body temperature with a touch-less thermometer.  The patient’s temperature should be below 100.4F to proceed to a treatment. 

Health Condition Survey 
Patients will be surveyed to check for the possibility of infection. 

Waiting Room

One Patient Only Whenever possible we schedule only one patient at a time to avoid contact between patients.

Air Purifier with HEPA Filter and UV-C Sanitizer
An air purifier with HEPA filter and UV-C Sanitizer is placed in the waiting room and at each operatory.  UV-C light is very effective in killing airborne viruses. 


Equipment and Chair Sanitization

All equipment and treatment chair is thoroughly sanitized after each use. So be assured that you will be treated in a fully sanitized environment. 

PPE for Doctor and Assistant
Doctor and assistant put on required PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) during the treatment. 
 They put on a new gown, hat, and glove for each treatment and PPE is sanitized after each use. 

Droplet and Aerosol Removal
Droplets and aerosol sprayed during the treatment is removed with a vacuum suction.