COVID-19 Infection Preventing Treatment
Safety First Treatment

We all are living in a world none of us even imagined early this year. COVID-19 is contagious disease but we do not need to afraid too much. By implementing proper procedure, we are able to treat our patients safely minimizing the possibility of infection.

Our Efforts to Prevent Infection

  1. When an appointment is made and also at the time of confirmation, we screen the patient’s health condition.
  2. To minimize contact between patients, whenever possible we treat only one patient at a time.
  3. Our clinic is fully equipped with recommended equipment for infection prevention and the doctor and assistant put on required PPE (personal protection equipment).
  4. When a patient visit, we check the patient’s temperature with a touch-less thermometer and survey health condition at the check-in station, which is set up in front of the entrance.
  5. We check the temperature and health condition of all staff members also everyday when they report to the work.
  6. Staff members change their clothes and shoes, and wash their hands at the quarantine room before they enter the clinic. Personal clothes and belongings are kept in a locker. 
  7. Patients and guardians are required to wear a mask and clean their hands with sanitizer before they enter the building. We also offer disinfected slippers to keep the floor clean. 
  8. Air purifier withe HEPA filter and UV-C light sanitizer is placed at the waiting room and also at each operatory. 
  9. We fully ventilate the whole facility twice a day keeping all windows opened 10 to 20 minutes. 
  10. After each treatment, furniture, dental chair, and all equipment used are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  11. For each treatment, doctor and assistants put on new gowns, hat, and mask .
  12. Droplets and airborne sprayed during a treatment is suctioned with a vacuum.  
  13. After a treatment, if the waiting room is busy with the next patient, we guide the patient to exit through the rear door to minimize contact between patients.

How You Can Support Us

  1. To offer treatment safely and effectively, we need your support. 
  2. Before your visit, if you have been to the areas infection was occurred and/or you feel symptoms of infection (cough, fever, and shortness of breath), inform us right away. We will assess the situation and, if necessary, reschedule your appointment. 
  3. Please answer earnestly to the questions and survey.
  4. Please make it sure to put on a mask when you visit us.
  5. If a guardian has to accompany you, please limit to one. Please do not bring children for their safety.
  6. We recommend you to brush your teeth just before your leave home. Brushing teeth with toothpaste before leaving home is believed to help prevention of infection.  
  7. We recommend you to arrive about 10 minutes early of your appointment. We schedule treatments with enough interval between patients but, if you arrive earlier than 10 minutes, please call the front desk at (510) 894-3123. If the waiting room is still occupied, we will suggest you to wait in your car.

      We appreciate your cooperation in advance!