Our Office 

A Tradition of Serving Community for over Six Decades

A Historic Building Best Equipped for Modern Dental Practice


The building we are practicing was built in 1953 as a dental clinic and has been used as a dental clinic ever since. With only two ownership changes for over six decades, the site was firmly established as a community dental clinic. 


Upon taking over the ownership in 2014, we were determined to carry the torch as a historic community dental clinic but, after six decades of services, the facility was deteriorated and simply not suitable to offer sophisticated services patients these days demand and also to equip with cutting-edge dental equipment. The area building is located is designated as a historic neighborhood by the City and so we decided to minimize changes of the appearance of the building.


However, with no intention to compromise the quality of the service, we completely demolished and renovated inside of the building. With construction work well over six months, the building is now reborn as a front line modern dental clinic with all brand-new equipment. However, when you step in, you will still feel the warm welcoming atmosphere that comes only with long history and tradition.


For the convenience of handicapped patients, we added ADA compliant lamp in front of the building and also two ADA compliant bathrooms equipped with auto faucet, auto soap dispenser, and auto paper towel dispenser. These are just a few examples of our commitment to the community.