Kay Savings Program

Saving begins Right Away!

A Perfect Solution for Patients without a Dental Insurance


For patients with no dental insurance, we offer a perfect plan – the Kay Savings Program. You and your family will receive an exam and cleaning twice a year at no cost. Additionally, you will receive a 75% discount on fillings and periodontics maintenance, and 50% off on all other dental treatments up to an annual maximum of $2,500 per person. The program works just like dental insurance, but at a lesser cost!

How it works?

First, you register to the program. The one-time registration fee is $20 for single and $30 for family. Then you pay a membership fee as shown below.

                                                      Standard Rate                        Monthly Payment option               Yearly Payment Option* 
Single                                                             $378                            $198 + $30 for six month                                                         $340 
Couple with no child                               $718                            $358 + $60 for six month                                                         $647   
Family with one child                             $932                            $452 + $80 for six month                                                         $840 
Each additional child                              $214                              $94 + $20 for six month                                                         $193   
* Yearly fee is with 10% discount of the standard rate.

There are no deductibles. Also, you do not need to fill out any claim forms. 

What treatments are covered?

A wide range of comprehensive dental treatments are covered including exams, x-rays, cleanings, sealants, amalgam and composite restorations, crowns, bridges, dentures, extractions, periodontics, and endodontics.

So, how much I can save?

With the Kay Savings Program, you will enjoy significant savings over what you would pay without subscription to the program. The chart below shows the amount in savings for some of the available treatments. Note that with two exams and cleaning alone, you are already saving well over $300 for a single and $1,200 for a family with a child!

 Procedure                                                                                      Regular Rate          Kay Savings Rate              Your Savings  
 Teeth cleaning                                                                                                    $99                                         $0                                     $99
 Full mouth X-ray                                                                                              $149                                         $0                                   $149
 Comprehensive oral examination                                                              $99                                         $0                                     $99
Periodontal scaling and root planning (per quad)                            $292                                      $73                                  $219
 Anterior restoration– two surfaces (white)                                          $232                                       $58                                  $174 
Posterior restoration– two surfaces (white)                                         $265                                       $66                                  $199
 Simple removal of an erupted tooth                                                      $202                                    $101                                   $101 
 Surgical removal of an erupted tooth                                                    $322                                    $161                                  $161
 Root canal – anterior                                                                                     $862                                    $431                                  $431
 Root canal – bicuspid                                                                                    $985                                    $493                                  $493
 Root canal – molar                                                                                      $1,180                                    $590                                  $590
 Porcelain fused to metal (crown)                                                         $1,218                                    $609                                  $609
 Veneer                                                                                                              $1,323                                    $662                                  $662

Great Program for Small Business

The Kay Savings Program is an ideal alternative to dental insurance for small business owners who want to offer dental insurance to their employees. While the employees enjoy great benefits, the program cost considerably less than traditional dental insurance plans. Volume discounts are also available. Please contact us to further discuss options for you and your employees.